Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Iran clerical regime must be put on trial for 1988 massacre

Finally, the resolution 188 that ask for condemnation of the 1988 massacre was ratified. This is a victory for all the innocent families that lost loved ones in this hideous crime. The mullahs must for the first time since they hijacked the people's revolution in Iran answer for their crimes.

There is no doubt that it is the clerical regime that must be put on trial for this atrocity.  It all started with Khomeini’s death fatwa, and his death commissions were very efficient in their executions. The ratification of this Resolution came at a time when the clerical regime is divided and in chaos. It is a matter of facts that the
supreme leader is fighting on two sides right now, first and foremost he had to forfeit his prime  Presidential candidate, Raisi because of turmoil within the regime, it is also a well-known fact that Raisi was a member of the death commission.
The very fact that the 1988 massacre will be investigated is a major victory for the Iranian people's resistance that has been fighting for justice for the victims tirelessly for many years. During a few summer months in 1988, 30 000 people were murdered by the regime, but the crimes do not stop there, most of the victims were placed in unmarked graves and their families were prohibited from mourning their loved ones. Even today, the regime is trying to erase the evidence of this crime by demolishing the graves of the martyrs.

This crime was for a long time a dirty secret within the regime but as the social media is taking hold on Iran the truth is being revealed, the audio tapes from  Hussein-Ali Montazeri was, in fact, the tipping stone that forced the world leaders to take a stand, and thankfully they decided to fight for justice. When the trials start there will be few mullahs left in the regime since most of them have been involved in the massacre at some point, the positions they have today are actually rewards for their participation in the 1988 massacre. During the years 120 000 Iranians have been killed for being politically active. Often the victims had done no crime, they have just peacefully protested the regime. Juveniles, pregnant women, old men, young fathers, the regime killed them all just so they could stay in power.
The Advocacy movement in Iran is growing and in the light on how deeply the Iranians reacted to the reemergence of the 1988 massacre, the Resolution 188 came at the right time in history. Amnesty International expressed alarm when the regime was demolishing a mass grave containing 44 victims in Ahvaz in order to destroy vital evidence. This is done by the regime out of fear that the campaign for justice is spreading.

At last the victims will get justice, at last, the culprits will pay for their crimes. 

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