Monday, June 26, 2017

European MPs and VIPs calling for regime change in Iran

By eureporter

Europian MPs and VIPs  calling for regime change in Iran

Several hundred European parliamentarians and dignitaries from two dozen countries will attend the #FreeIran grand gathering in Paris on July 1. The event is also expected to attract tens of thousands of Iranian expatriates and their supporters. The participants will condemn the ongoing human rights violations in Iran, as well as Tehran’s meddlesome role in the conflict-torn region. Considering the recent events in Europe and elsewhere, the Iranian government’s role in training foreign fighters for terrorist attacks abroad, as well as its drive to acquire nuclear weapons will certainly be denounced.

The lawmakers represent a mix of political parties and viewpoints, but share a common view that Iran’s clerical regime has such disregard for human rights and democracy that regime change is indispensable to freedom in Iran and stability in the region. They will endorse the opposition movement spearheaded by Maryam Rajavi, as the best means of bringing about such change.

The legislators attending the Free Iran rally reflect the concern in European capitals about Tehran’s destructive policies, also shared by many Middle Eastern states. Political figures from the Middle East and other Muslim countries will also attend the convention and highlight alarm about the Iranian regime’s malign behavior in the region.

This year, the convention’s focus will be on the need for a united front against Islamic extremism, one of the prerequisites for resolving other urgent problems, such as instability in the Middle East. Speakers will endorse the well-organized opposition as a viable option that can make regime change in Iran a reality. There is a growing sentiment that the opposition coalition led by Mrs. Rajavi, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), represents a viable alternative to the ruling theocracy.

The main component of the NCRI, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), has an extensive network of activists in Iran, and is pursuing an agenda of regime change. The MEK network has stepped up its activities inside of Iran dramatically in recent months.

substantial upsurge in Iranian political landscape change

As we are getting closer to the Iranian resistance’s Grand Gathering in Paris, July 1. the fear of the regime is that the people are demanding a regime change. To prevent that from happening they are terrorizing civilians in the streets.Videos from inside Iran reveals the harassment and abuse conducted by the moral police.  The Iranian people are getting more and more abused as the regime are getting more and more fearful.
The fear of the mullahs regime of Iran is manifesting itself as terrorist activities conducted by the so called moral police and many other kinds of police as mountain police or hijab police and so on. The Basij militia is also contributing to the terror.This means that the Iranian people are at the mercy of murderers. 

The Grand Gathering have appealed to the Iranian youth, they want a regime change and are willing to risk their freedom to achieve it. The Iranian regime is using the war in Syria and Iraq to strangle any attempt of an uprising in Iran, they are willing to do anything to prevent an uprising like the one in 2009.

They have admitted that they have held 300 exhibitions against the MEK up to now. The MEK is getting recognized as a leading institute in Human Rights. The regime says that Iranian youth is the target of the MEK and the regime must address that as a threat. The regime’s intelligence ministry has produced an 8000-word long report against the MEK. In this report, the role of MEK  exposing the regime’s nuclear projects is disguised. The administration of the project says: “following exposure of the nuclear weapons program, the media published  reports in this regard and this was the  beginning of a major crisis that resulted in the adoption of several resolutions and sanctions with the devastating effects which are still continuing.” 
One other thing is lashing of people who do not fast, it is Ramadan and in Iran, and under the Mullahs regime, it is forbidden to show that you are anything different than Shia Muslim. Christians and Bahais do not fast but the police are harassing them and even lashing them if they eat in public.  
A third issue is the media coverage and protests regarding the 1988 massacre.The release of audiotapes that was admitting the regime's agenda initiated a worldwide movement and during the last 10 months have created a huge momentum against the ongoing violations of human rights in Iran, both inside and outside of Iran.

Justice for the victims of the 1988 massacre published in February 2017 details of numerous mass graves in Iran. The report refers to a mass grave near the Behesht Abad cemetery in Ahvaz. Amnesty International published news on June 1, 2017, warning that the Iranian authorities may be attempting to desecrate the mass grave in an attempt to destroy vital forensic evidence, and sabotage opportunities for justice for the victims of the 1988 massacre.

The growing sympathies for MEK is a result of these revelations and the regime is doing anything in their power to counter the effect. Most of the victims in this massacre were MEK members.
All people in Iran is speaking about the massacre and it is now a big movement in Iran that is working against the mullahs crimes and in addition, the fractions inside the regime are fighting each other.  

Saturday, June 24, 2017

The regime change in Iran is getting closer and on hand

As the Iranian resistance’ Grand Gathering is getting closer, the Iranian regime is cracking down even harder on the Iranian people. they are no longer able to hide their fear of the power of the people. It is no secret that the people want a regime change and they want it now. Ever since the clerical dictators hijacked the people's revolution in 1979 there has been a resistance movement MEK/PMOI that has worked to overthrow the mullahs. The Grand Gathering that is taking place every year are addressing this issue, and they are working towards the inevitable regime change in Iran. And the list of supporters is getting longer every year. Politicians all over the world have realized that the Iranian resistance is the answer for the future Iran.

One important step in the right direction is the new sanctions that have been put upon the Islamic regime by the new US government, it is nearly enough but it is a start. Our duty is to give our unconditional support to the brave freedom fighters that are risking their lives for a free Iran, the MEK/PMOI.  As a countdown to the Gathering, the MEK/PMOI in Iran have been hanging up posters where they demand a regime change, and they openly say that they do not support Rouhani but want Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the NCRI’s President-elect as President of Iran.

The Supreme Leader Khamenei has admitted that the Iranian presence in Syria’s only mission is to prevent an uprising inside of Iranian borders. People know this and they are protesting against the IRGC and the Islamic regime. The Supreme Leader has stated that if Iran was not involved in the Syrian war the IRGC would have been fighting in the streets in Iran.  The Iranian resistance goal is a nuclear-free Iran and that Iran will cooperate with their neighbors and end all Iranian presence and influence in the region that involves terror acts.
The new US president has turned out to be a man of his word, he is paving the way to regime change alongside the MEK/PMOI and their supporters. And all signs tell us that the regime change is within reach, the regime is fighting within and there is chaos. The regime is trying to fool us into believing that there is a struggle between the moderates and the hardliners in the regime but we are not fooled and neither is the MEK/PMOI. We will be fighting until there is a regime change in Iran and Iran is a free country.

Long live MEK/PMOI; long live Maryam Rajavi, long live free Iran.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Iran Regime's police attacking peaceful protesters

The Iranian Regime’s police force was caught on tape brutally beating customers who were gathered outside of various branches of the Samen-Hujaj financial institution in Tehran on Saturday, June 18.

The video shows police kicking, punching and using batons to attack the people, who were merely trying to get their money back, after reports of the company going bankrupt surfaced.
Following the vicious attack, police officers began patrolling in an intimidating manner and inspecting vehicles across Tehran.
This wasn’t the only attack on civilians by the Regime’s officers that was caught on film last week.
On Thursday, June 15, the police force set upon a peaceful protest by laid-off mine workers and their families at the Aqdareh gold mine in Western Azerbaijan province.
This violent attack has left thirteen people requiring medical care, but because they fear the retribution of the so-called security forces, many have traveled to hospitals in the next town over or sought private treatment in their homes at incredible expense.
The protesters were merely seeking employment and were protesting the decision by the mining company not to hire local workers, given the negative effect the mine has of the ability of local people to earn money in other ways.
Aqdarreh gold mine is the second largest gold mine in Iran, located just 30km from Takab city, and it produces 2.2 tons of pure gold every year. Its owner,  Aqdareh Pooyazarkan Mining Company is the first gold mining company in Iran.
However, since mining began in 1997, there has been a detrimental effect on the local area’s ecosystem, environment, and ecology due to the chemicals being used to extract gold.
As a result, many farmers have lost farming lands and the ability to raise animals; excess cyanide discharge has killed animals, polluted crops, and made the soil less fertile. It has even polluted the drinking water because of a pond built to wash the mine’s mineral extractions. Even if they can grow a crop or raise an animal, no one wants to buy the food because of the risk of contamination.
Villager’s report that deaths and diseases like cancer and lung disease have been steadily increasing since the mine was built.
In 2014, 250 miners at the Aqdareh gold mine held a demonstration against their termination from work. One worker committed suicide, while 17 more were arrested, imprisoned, fined and flogged, over charges of sedition brought by the mine owners.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

MEK members inside of Iran, exposed 4 new missile bases

Alireza Jafarzadeh press conference on Iran missile program 
On June 20, 2017, the NCRI, with the help of dedicated MEK members inside of Iran,  exposed 4 new missile bases in their press conference held on that occasion. Not only that but 42 IRGC missile sites that are a part of the missile production was exposed under today’s conference.

Ever since the last round of nuclear negotiations in 2013, and especially after the JCPOA in 2015 the IRGC has intensified

Monday, June 19, 2017

It is time for the European states to stand up to Iran

The EU must follow the example of the US and take a stand against the dictators in Tehran. The clerical regime in Iran has shown us time and time again that they do not respect any deals they have signed. The Iranian ballistic missile program is, in fact, a grave violation of the JCPOA deal they signed themselves. Unfortunately, the global media have paid little or no attention to that fact. It is common knowledge that the Obama administration downplayed such activities.
Manchester Terrorist Attack memories

The Trump administration, on the other hand, is rightly developing an assertive policy towards the Islamic Republic. This includes a sharper focus on illicit ballistic missile tests. The regime was put on notice when they tested a ballistic missile just days after Trump's inauguration. Since then the IRGC have conducted several missile tests. Wich has led to the recent sanctions on both Iran and Russia for their warmongering in Syria and for Iran’s violations of the JCPOA deal. The European governments should quickly follow the example set by the US. We have paid so little attention to the ballistic missile program in Iran that we barely noticed the IRGC announcement in May, that they had completed work on a third underground facility for production of ballistic missiles. 
If the Iranian missile program is not stopped entirely it will make no difference when the nuclear deal expires, Iran will then in a matter of days have a nuclear bomb ready that can reach every major city in Europe and that alone should be enough to make the European states tremble. 
Iran's missile tests have shown us that they are capable of reaching Israel, and several Arabic states and the concern among those countries is fully understandable. 
Until now the EU have been reluctant and hesitant about standing up to Iran’s destabilizing behaviour and disregard for international rules. European leaders are thinking more of getting access to Iranian oil and marked and not thinking about what is the right thing to do. 
The multiple functions of the IRGC also call attention to the very fact that the Iranian missile program has been shared with foreign entities that have no other purpose than to inflict injuries on their own, like the Houthis in Yemen. Also, the Hezbollah in Lebanon have been armed by Iran and are using the weapons to inflict terror upon civilians in Syria and Iraq as well as in their homeland Lebanon. 
During his May visit to Saudi Arabia, President Trump stated that the Iranian regime’s longest-suffering victims are its own people. until the Iranian regime is willing to be a partner for peace, all nations of conscience must work together to isolate Iran, deny it funding terrorism, he said. But terrorism is not the only issue, the regime’s weapons development must be severely constrained and all European nations need to get on board. 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Free Iran Rally in Paris July 2017

On July 1st, pundits, dignitaries, and politicians from across the world will join the annual Free Iran Rally in Paris to discuss the solutions to the problems of Iran and the broader Middle East and to condemn human rights violation in Iran.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

The MEK inside of Iran is spreading the call of “Free Iran”.

The Grand Gathering of the Iranian resistance has gathered great support both inside and outside of Iran. it takes place in Paris on July 1. 2017. The demand this year is: Stop the Iran regime’s meddling in the region. As it is getting closer the PMOI inside of Iran is spreading the call of “Free Iran”. The brave Iranian activists have launched a daring campaign in several cities in Iran in an attempt to show the world the extent of support for the annual rally by the Iranian resistance that exists inside Iran.

 Supporters of the PMOI/MEK have filmed or taken photographs of themselves holding up photographs of Iranian resistance President-elect Mrs. Maryam Rajavi and slogans in support of the “Free Iran” rally.

Also, foreign politicians have shown their support for the Rally. Senator Paolo Corsini, vice chairman of the Italian Senate foreign relations committee, sent a video message expressing his support for the Iranian opposition convention. He had this to say about Mrs. Rajavi: she is a woman representing hope for change in Iran, development and encouraging human rights and democratic freedoms.

 Mrs. Rajavi is a tireless fighter that in my opinion is a major symbol for European Democrats. Under Mrs. Rajavi leadership windows of hope will open and the Iranian people will look at their future with hope. Also, the Italian Senator Luigi Campagna expressed his support.

Another Italian senator, Lucio Malan, sent his video message of support for the Grand Gathering. 
The Romanian Parliamentarians, Vlad Durus, and Ben-Oni Ardelean also expressed their support for the Grand Gathering in a video message.  

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Iran clerical regime must be put on trial for 1988 massacre

Finally, the resolution 188 that ask for condemnation of the 1988 massacre was ratified. This is a victory for all the innocent families that lost loved ones in this hideous crime. The mullahs must for the first time since they hijacked the people's revolution in Iran answer for their crimes.

There is no doubt that it is the clerical regime that must be put on trial for this atrocity.  It all started with Khomeini’s death fatwa, and his death commissions were very efficient in their executions. The ratification of this Resolution came at a time when the clerical regime is divided and in chaos. It is a matter of facts that the

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Join freedom loving Iranians at the Grand Gathering in Paris on July 1

Most of you have noticed our advertisement that urges you to join freedom loving Iranians at the Grand Gathering in Paris on July 1, 2017. The Gathering this year have the pledge of stopping the Iranian regime's meddling in the middle east region.  Like every year before there will be prominent speakers this year too, on the occasion of this gathering, the NCRI have received support from several politicians all around the world.

The Italian Senator Luigi Compagna from the Italian senate's foreign committee issued a message expressing his support for the Iranian Grand Gathering. He stated “We will be taking part in this major rally to express our support for those who struggle for

Friday, June 9, 2017

The MEK rejects the lies & fake news by the clerical Iran regime?

A few days ago shootings and explosions at the site of Khomeini’s tomb and the regime’s Parliament have nothing to do with the People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI or MEK); however, state media and individuals affiliated with the regime are trying through various means to drag the PMOI into this matter. Their intention is to either use this event against the PMOI or else to justify their own previous crimes.
44th anniversary of the martyrdom of PMOI founders
In this regard, some of the regime’s sources while reporting the incidents, tried to justify the massacre of political prisoners in 1988, which has led to increasing social outrage and international condemnation over the past year following the revelation of an audio tape by Mr. Hossein Ali Montazeri. 
The PMOI rejects the lies by the clerical regime and calls for an international investigation into these incidents.

ISIS terrorist attack in Tehran

We wish to give our condolences to the victims of the ISIS terrorist attack in Tehran.
Today we have seen the Iranian regime’s lobby in action. They are using all means possible to blame Wednesday's ISIS attack in Tehran on the Iranian resistance. The NCRI statement says: “Shedding blood of innocent people under any pretext must be condemned; ISIS practices clearly benefit clerical regime”. 
The Iranian regime is now very satisfied, this attack has changed the focus from IRGC’s terrorist actions in Syria over to the suffering of the terror victims In Tehran.
Iran is trying to change the world perception of Iran from the perpetrator to victim.  Meanwhile, Khamenei is downscaling the attack as insignificant

The very reason so many freedom loving people around the world support the Iranian resistance is because they are working for the freedom for Iranian people and for an end to Iran's terrorist actions in the region. The MEK/PMOI is working hard to get rid of the lies that the regime’s lobby has been telling about them.  They are not a terrorist organization, that is why they are not on US blacklist, but the IRGC deserves to be on that list. It is a shame that serious news agencies sell out their integrity to support the world's largest terrorist cartel.
       Khamenei welcomes this attack as an opportunity to end Iran's isolation in the region, they can now play the role of victim and that suits the regime very well.  The PMOI take in their statement distance from this act of terror. they make it very clear that the PMOI has nothing to do with the shooting and explosions at the site of Khomeini’s tomb and the shooting at the regime's parliament. However, the state media is doing their best to drag the PMOI into this matter. The PMOI reject the lies made by the clerical regime and calls for an international investigation into these incidents. The clerical regime will lose in their efforts to make the Iranian people believe that the PMOI are behind this terrorist attack, the Iranians know that the PMOI are struggling for their freedom. We will keep struggling until Iran is free and democratic, and have peaceful relations with their neighbours and that can only happen when the mullahs are removed from power.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Iranian resistance Iftar gathering in Paris june 3 2017.

On the night of June 3, there was an Iftar Gathering in the headquarters of the Iranian resistance in Paris. At that occasion, Mrs. Rajavi visited a photo exhibition that bore the name of “Carnage and massacre from Iran to Syria”. Mrs. Rajavi also lay down flowers at the monument of Syrian resistance’s martyrs.

Iftar Gathering Paris June 3, 2017, 10
The most important issue was when Mrs. Rajavi  proposed a three-pronged initiative and urged all nations in the region to support it: designation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps as a terrorist entity, expulsion of the Iranian regime from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), and recognition of the Iranian people’s Resistance for the overthrow of the mullahs’ religious dictatorship and establishment of freedom.
Exhibition on the courageous six-year resistance of the people of Syria
In her speech at the gathering, Mrs. Rajavi started by saying that the holy month of Ramadan is the month of bonding of hearts, friendship, solidarity, and peace. She urged that in the holy month of Ramadan the Muslim nations must unite in solidarity and reject religious compulsion and compulsory religion. She also added that the dispute is not between Shiites and Sunnis, or between

Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Iranian Resistance Ramadan gathering in Paris

 You are hereby invited to join our Iftar tonight at 19.30
We have the honor to invite you to join us at our iftar gathering this evening at 19.30  we are doing a live stream from the Iranian resistance headquarter in Paris. In the evening of June 3, 2017, during the holy month of Ramadan, the Iranian community in Paris, organized an Iftar (break of fast) ceremony. A number of Muslim Personalities and the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) will attend and address the gathering. In this Ramadan evening, we are gathering to discuss how to stop Islamic extremism and how to stop the Iranian regime’s meddling in the region, welcome. 

Thursday, June 1, 2017

peoples demonstration against the plundering by the IRGC

Since May 22 the Iranian people have shown their discontent with the fact that the IRGC ‘s company the Caspian institution have been plundering people’s funds and accounts. The demonstrations have been taking place all over Iran, in Tehran, Mashhad, Ahvaz, Abadan, Khorramshahr, Boushehr, Zahedan, Rafsanjan, Shoush, Omidieh, Aligoudarz, Ardebil, Azna, Alashtar, Rasht, Gorgan, Babol, Sari, Amol, Hamadan, Daroud, Nahavand, Boroujerd, Khorramabad, minoodasht, Kermanshah, Sousangerd, Mehran, Dehloran, Yassouj, Mahallat, Ilam, Delfan, Ramhormoz and Kouhdasht. Protesters all over Iran have been demanding to get their deposits returned, this was funds earned by many years of hard work. 

The demonstration outside of Bank Markazi (Central Bank) on May 29 contained thousands of plundered people that clashed with the suppressive forces who tried to disperse them.  The Iranian people have noticed that the regime is weak and unstable and they are taking advantage of that fact and are openly criticizing the regime. The regime resort to mass executions to silence all critical voices but that is futile, the Iranian people have had enough and will no longer be silenced by threats. 

There is no secret that the culprits behind the rising poverty in Iran is, in fact, the clerical regime that has been systematically

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Do you still believe that Rouhani is a Moderate in Iran?

The Iranian regime's lobbyists will have big problems this time in their effort to make Rouhani look like a moderate. Only two days after his re-election 10 people was executed. In the first 5 days after the election, 18 people have been executed. Today the regime executed a wrestling champion In Kermanshahby the name of Hojatoallah Tedrow, that has been imprisoned for the last 10 years. During Rouhanis previous tenure, 3000 people were executed so if he is a moderate I do not wish to see what the hardliners will do.
NIAK-Iran Lobbies in the USA
The lobbyists will try to convince the world leaders that the moderates have won the election and that will mean changes in the social structure of the country, this is false, first of all, the supreme leader, Khamenei have selected Rouhani to be president, Rouhani would never have won unless Khamenei agreed. 

Secondly, the election in Iran have long been that of a Sham since there are more votes in certain areas than there live people, it is also Rumours that the IRGC is using ID papers of deceased people to give extra votes for Rouhani. Students are forced to vote, they will not get their diplomas unless they have the stamp for their ID papers.  The regime claims that vast numbers of Iranians abroad took place in this farce election, but only 6.5 % of eligible voters voted outside Iran. this statistic was provided by the Iranian minister of interior affairs wich suggests that the true number is even lower. 

All these points show us that there is no such thing as a democratic election in Iran, it is not even an election, and there is no such thing as a moderate in the mullahs dictatorial regime. Both factions in the mullahs regime are hardliners but we are led to believe the lies of the regime's lobbyists.  If we take a closer look at Rouhani we will see that he openly supported public executions in the early days after the regime hijacked the people's revolution in 1979. He has also a grim record during his first period of the presidency of executing 3000 people if we compare it with Ahmadinejad’s last period the number of executions was approximately  800 people.

Do you still believe that Rouhani is a Moderate? Let me continue, under his leadership, the export of terrorism has escalated dramatically, and the IRGC have had their budget increased with billions, all the money released by the nuclear deal was given to the IRGC. All this while he has given full financial support to the Syrian Dictator Bashar al-Assad. Under his rule, the IRGC have had free hands to kill Syrian children. In Iraq, the IRGC have been torturing and executing innocent Sunni civilians under the pretext of war against ISIS. Trust me, the Iranian regime has no interest in fighting ISIS they are in fact supporting their terrorism. The Hezbollah in Lebanon is openly telling the world that they are 100% financed by the Iranian regime. And the Houthi terrorists in Yemen are receiving arms shipments from Iran to be used to kill Yemeni Children, women and old people. 
This is all evidence that Rouhani has never been nor will he ever be moderate, that is just a sham like the election.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Iranian prisoners suppression after Iran election

As Rouhani starts to serve his second term, the torture and abuse are increasing in prisons around Iran. The same can be said about executions. Immediately after holding the sham elections the clerical regime, the torture in prisons across the country resumed. During the first days after the re-election of Rouhani, 10 prisoners in the prisons of Tabriz, Zahedan, Ardebil, Kermanshah, Isfahan Central Prison in Karaj was hanged. During the sham election youth across Iran was protesting against the mullahs. To silence the protesters the regime does what they do best, they resorted to mass executions. The mullahs agents in the West will claim that the moderates have won the election, but there are no such thing as a moderate in the mullahs regime. 

Maryam Akbari Monfared
According to statistic, the number of prisoners in Iranian prisons has increased  333% since the mullahs highjacked the people's revolution in 1979. In comparison, the general population has increased 66% in the same time span. 

The physical conditions in Iranian prisons can be compared with the medieval dungeons, the sanitary conditions are equally bad. The access to clean water is random and most of the time absent. The prison ward has many different torture methods to be used on the prisoners. The torture can take the form of, physical abuse like beating, electrification, denial of medical treatment or denial of clean water or food. Or they can take the form of psychological abuse like denial of visits from family members, arbitrary arrest of one or several family members to be held as hostages. And lies about your children, siblings or parents will be used if the prison authorities think that can break you down.
Civil activist and political prisoner on hunger 

What is just as disturbing as the horrific conditions in the prisons is the fact that most of the prisoners are not criminals but the political opposition, human rights activists, children's rights activists, teachers, journalists, lawyers, students, supporters of the PMOI and sometimes children who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you are seen supporting the opposition or the resistance (PMOI) you face execution. 
The prison security in Iranian prisons are behind the torture and abuse that are put upon the prisoners, they are also the head of drug cartels that controls the flow of drugs that are distributed in Iranian prisons. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Iranian resistances Grand Gathering in Paris July 1st, 2017.

On July 1st, 2017 the Iranian resistance is once again inviting you to join us at the grand gathering that is taking place in Paris every year until we can all gather in freedom square in a free Tehran, Iran. 
Grand gathering  Paris 2017
The Iranian resistance is inviting world leading politicians to join us in the struggle for a free and democratic Iran. our goal with the gathering is to make the world aware of the fact that the resistance is fighting for freedom both inside Iran and abroad. 
Our President-elect Mrs. Maryam Rajavi has said: our roadmap to freedom is that we are ready for all the sacrifices of enduring suppression, incarceration, torture and executions; we are ready for whatever accusation, demonization and betrayal we may face; we are ready for countless tests and trials. Indeed, in the battle for freedom, we are ready for hundreds of other obstacles and challenges.  
The gathering is highlighting pressing issues that have had an impact on the Iranian fight for freedom. Our pledge is regime change.  We are asking you to join us and be the voice of millions in Iran. the regime is trying to silence the people of Iran but that is futile, the Resistance will not stop before Iran is free, and the youth of Iran is telling the regime that they want regime change, Maryam Rajavi is their choice. 
Hope to see you in Paris on July 1st 2017, Welcome.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Iranian people say no to sham election

There are no surprises after the sham elections In Iran on 19 may. Rouhani is now laughing behind our backs, there was no doubt who was going to win the (S)election. Mrs. Rajavi told us that the re-election of Rouhani only deepens the rift within the regime and that it intensifies the mullah’s crisis and power struggle. She also added that Khamenei’s failure to manipulate the Iran Election outcome, make the regime unable to confront dangerous crises, and that signals the regime’s terminal phase.  The crisis in the religious fascist regime has increased and will continue to do so until its downfall. Mrs. Rajavi added that Rouhani neither wants nor is able to alter regime’s foundation and behavior.

The Iranian youth are using any means necessary to show their discontent with the regime.
The regime knows that the battle is lost and cut the internet in an attempt to silence the Iranian protesters, that was futile, Iranian boys and girls can not be silenced anymore, they are fed up with the regime and are willing to sacrifice their lives for a free Iran. 

The Iranian people want NCRI at the helm of Iran and are openly telling the regime that they are not wanted in Iran, all Iranian youth wish the mullahs to hell. The Iranian youth knows that all the lies from the mullahs about MEK/PMOI are untrue, and they are showing their support to NCRI and Maryam Rajavi by telling that they chose regime change and that they want Rajavi as president. 
If our goal is to save Iran and Iranian economy and environment, and people, the mullahs must go because, if we do not remove the mullahs they will slowly kill both the Iranian people and nature. The mullahs are exploiting the environment so that they can fill their pockets with dollars and build million dollar homes.  All the while poor Iranians are living in graves. Under Rouhani’s rule, there has been an increase of suicide amongst young girls, this is because of all the prohibitions that are put upon them by the mullahs. The NCRI are the only opposition that has the strength to topple the mullahs, they are the only option to rule because they have the skills that are needed to pull Iran back on her feet. Maryam Rajavi is the only option as president that are not in the pocket of the mullahs. 
The ten point plan of the NCRI is the best solution for Iran, there is no other option that can take over after the mullahs are gone. The NCRI is a determent to abolish the death penalty, under Rouhani, 3000 people have been executed.  the regime is harassing people with a different religion than shite Islam, the NCRI is firm on the subject that all religions are equal. 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Shut down illegal Iranian regime election sites in the U.S.

This petition is important to sign, by doing that u will show your support to the Iranian people.

“Iranian opposition groups have called on Iranians to boycott the upcoming May 19 presidential [s]elections, in which candidates previously selected by the regime are allowed to engage in a state-sponsored masquerade of democracy.
In an attempt to bolster its legitimacy, the Iranian regime has announced that it will open 56 polling places across the United States where Iranian citizens can vote, 17 of which have been identified.

We ask President Donald J. Trump to shut down these illegal election sites and take all appropriate legal action against those involved in renting, providing, manning or otherwise servicing these facilities under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) and other authorities.”
This is the petition that we are urging you to sign, this is a petition that is calling out the Iranian regime for their sham elections. This is a petition to the American administration to take a stand against the murderous mullahs of Iran and to stand on the right side of history. This is a petition to support the Iranian opposition's fight for freedom and democracy in Iran.
No Iran poll station in Canada

The news of Canada's denial of polling stations in Canada was very good indeed, this because it is all a sham, make no mistake, there is no real election in Iran, it is an announcement of whom Khamenei has selected as the next president. Please help us stop this sham. 

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The outcome of the Iranian sham election makes no difference

The outcome of the Iranian sham election makes no difference for ordinary people, but if you look at the candidates it is most likely that Rouhani, Raisi or Qalibaf will win. Jahangir will most likely drop out in favor of Rouhani. The two other candidates Mirsalim and Hashemitaba do not have a chance at winning.

Uprising a Fear of Iranian Regime as Elections Draw Near
The MEK has put up posters around Tehran and most people do not wish to vote for any of the candidates they want a democratic election. But everyone knows that as long as the clerics rule Iran there will never e a democratic election.  

 The disagreements about the candidates have split the Khamenei faction into 4 camps:
1.Avoid participation who was the supporters of Ahmadinejad
2.The suppressive forces, JAMNA who supports Raisi and Qalibaf 
3.Motalefeh who supports Mirsalim 
4.Fundamentalists who support Rouhani
Both Rouhani and Jahangir asked for Khamenei’s permission in February 2017 and Rouhani stated that if Khamenei had someone else in mind he would drop out. 
JAMNA was created several months ago with the aim of creating unity among various Khamenei factions to support a single presidential candidate.  The leaders of this faction are Nateq Nouri, Ali Larijani, Ali Motahari and a number of struggling clerics and clergy in Qom.
Our selection:Maryam Rajavi

The JAMNA coalition wants Raisi to become the next president, Khamenei approved his candidacy in March 2017. Qalibaf had initiated his campaign a year before the election. Qalibaf refused to register as a candidate after the IRGC and Khamenei supported Raisi. Khamenei’s office asked him to register so that he could appear in presidential debates and to make revelations against Rouhani. At the same time, he would portray Raisi as a non-partisan actor. Qalibaf should opt out in favor of Raisi. Qalibaf is registered as an opponent to Rouhani so Jahangiri registered as a candidate to support Rouhani. 
Khamenei has staged this to make it appear as if there are real competition in the election. He wants a large voter turnout in order to fool the international community into believing that the regime enjoys popular legitimacy. Khamenei also invites foreign reporters to specific polling stations where the regime's supporters and agents line up to make it look like all Iranians are voting. The regime is also preventing the reporters from browsing other polling stations. Domestic reporters will face threats and intimidation while covering other stations. 
The IRGC has created fake identification cards and is also using the ID cards of deceased people to vote. Another trick the regime are using is that of increasing the votes for each candidate four or five fold to show a higher voter turnout. 
The truth of this election is that there will be no change no matter which candidate becomes president. All candidates are in fact approved by Khamenei and no one of them will become president if Khamenei disapproves.  The biggest fear for Khamenei is to experience an uprising like the one in 2009. This was a big scare for the regime and it showed the regime that they are not as popular as they think. People show their discontent with the regime in different protests around Iran. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

denial of Iranian polling stations in Canada is good news

The news about the decision of the federal government denial of Iranian polling stations in Canada is good news if you see it from the Iranian people’s point of view. According to the Iranian Canadian Congress (ICC), they believe that the decision will not damper the efforts to renew diplomatic relations between Canada and Iran. Our hope is that the Canadian government votes in favor of Bill S-219 and that they think of the welfare of the Iranian people before profit. It is of utmost importance that the regime does not get any diplomatic relations with other countries before they respect and uphold the human rights bill.
Canadian Federal government

 There are human rights violations in Iran daily and the violations are of grave character. The only hope to save the innocent people of Iran is that the Canadian Senators understand the deceiving mullahs lobbying and that they are setting demands on Iran to uphold human rights before they do any kind of business with them. The ICC does not think that the American president’s approach towards Iran will have any influence on the Canadian approach to Iran, but we hope that the Canadian government does not give the Iranian regime any slack when it comes to demands related to Human Rights.
Iran Election 2017

If we look at Iran at present day the regime denies to break any human rights but we have evidence that they are in fact violating human rights by imprisoning political opponents, they imprison journalists or get them flogged. The list of daily violations are long and bloody, the worst violations are that of juvenile executions. Children at the age of 15 for boys and 9 for girls can be sentenced to death in Iran. all this must be in the back of your head when you are considering to reestablish diplomatic relations with Iran. if the Canadian government is renewing their diplomatic relations with the Iranian regime they are indirectly approving the regime’s human rights violations and that will be a black stain on the Canadian government.
 We, therefore, urge the Canadian government to be cautious when they are dealing with the Iranian clerics and are willing to halt the negotiations until the evidence of human rights violations is looked upon and estimated. 
To all Canadians I send a plea, please urge your Senate members to vote in favor of Bill S-219. By doing that you will save a lot of Iranian lives.  

Monday, May 8, 2017

Iran holds the grim record of executions of juveniles.

 Peyman Barandah is at imminent risk of execution on 10 May in Shiraz’s Adel Abad prison, Fars Province, Iran.

Peyman Barandah
He was 15 years old at the time of his arrest and was sentenced to death after a grossly unfair trial. On 2 May, the Prosecutor of Shiraz met with Peyman Barandah’s family and told them that if the cheque of 5.5 billion rials (US$169,500) representing blood money (diyah) they gave to the family of the teenager he was convicted of murdering does not clear at the bank on its due date of 7 May, then Peyman Barandeh’s execution will be carried out on 10 May as planned.This is just one of the urgent cases of juvenile executions awaiting. First of all, he was a child when the crime occurred, he has not been tried in a juvenile court but in adult court.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Syrian opposition delegation walked out of the peace talks

On May 3 the Syrian opposition delegation walked out of the peace talks in Astana citing that they do not recognize Iran as a participant in any peace talks regarding Syria, the delegate said before walking out that Iran is murderers and had no place in these talks.  I agree with them, if you take a look at the situation on the ground in Syria there are more IRGC fighters present then Syrian Army fighters and they are escalating the conflict, not trying to solve it. The PMOI say in their article about the memorandum that the Syrian armed opposition rejected the Russian plan to create safe zones in Syria, calling it a threat to the country’s territorial integrity, and said it would also not recognize Iran as a guarantor of any cease-fire plan. 

On may 5th the Russian, Turkish and Iranian delegates announced an agreement to reduce the violence in certain areas of Syria.  In the statement from the U.S Departement of State, they expressed concern about the agreement and the involvement of Iran as a so-called  Guarantor. Iran’s activities in Syria have only contributed to the violence, not stopped it, and Iran’s unquestioning support for the Assad regime has perpetuated the misery of ordinary Syrians. 
 The skeptics of this memorandum are concerned about Iran’s part in this plan, Iran and IRGC are known to escalate the conflicts on the ground, not prevent them, therefore, the outside world does not think of Iran as the best choice as a guarantor in creating de-escalating violence zones. The US is also skeptic about Iran’s role in this plan as we have all been witnesses to the genocide in Aleppo performed by the IRGC and of course the abduction of 900 Syrian boys and men as the citizens were forcibly evacuated from Aleppo. No one knows exactly what happened to the abductees. 

The IRGC was also present at Shayrat airbase that was used to bomb Khan Sheikhoun city with sarin gas. The war crimes committed by the IRGC towards Syrian civilians makes it difficult for the opposition to trust Iran as a guarantor. This is is understandable seen from the opposition's point of view, from their standing point Iran can not be trusted and that will make it very difficult to obtain the cease-fire zones. They have all to often seen the war crimes committed by IRGC and also by Assad troops, but if Russia can keep IRGC under control there is a slight chance that the Syrian civilians will get a better daily life. But that remains to be seen, the success of this plan rests with how firm the Russian bear are towards IRGC.  

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Iran's largest prison for journalists

A few days ago was the international media day, in the west, this is merely a day where we appreciate how far we have come in our human rights work.  Not all parts of the world are as Lucky as us. In Iran, it is dangerous, to tell the truth, if you disagree with the ruling mullahs terror regime. We read and see pictures in social media all too often about journalists that are flogged, imprisoned or tortured to death for disagreeing with the regime.  One of the most known deaths is that of blogger Sattar Beheshti.
Iran is the largest prison for journalists
  Sattar Beheshti was born in 1977 and lived in Robat Karim, 27 km southwest of Tehran. Opposition websites report that he had been detained in 1999 after student protests at Tehran University.
 His website "My Life for My Iran" at magalh91.blogspot.de was not a major blog, and had fewer than 30 viewers in October. Even if he was not a major blogger, Beheshti's death "has provoked outrage among both opponents and supporters of Iran’s leaders". On October 22, 2012, Beheshti posted a criticism of the Islamic Republic on his blog addressed to the Supreme leader.
 Beheshti stated that the judicial system of the Islamic Republic was "nothing but a slaughterhouse," and that "the sentences and ... the executions carried out ... were not out of a desire for justice – but were aimed at terrorizing the people! So that no one will complain!. In a blog post a day before his arrest, Beheshti wrote: "They threatened me yesterday and said, 'Your mother will soon wear black because you don't shut your big mouth'.
  His death in detention made the world aware of the abuse that is taking place against independent journalists in Iran. more recently we became aware of these two journalists: In  January  2017  we  could  read  this  in  the  news: Local  reports  said  that Iranian  journalists Mustafa  Barari  and  Arash  Shoaa,  from  Gilan  Noveen  and  Gilan  No  news  websites,  have received flogging sentences and a fine by the Revolutionary Court in Rasht city, north of Iran, following the complaint of one member of the Iranian Parliament over their publications.
A protest in front of an Iran Air agency in Paris, on July 10, 2012 

 The journalists, who were charged with spreading lies and publication without a license, now face  114  and  40  floggings as well  as  1  million  Rial  (almost  30,000  Euro)  fine for  the charge of insult. They have appealed the sentences and both websites are still controlled by the authorities, media added.
 I  am sorry  to say  that this  is just  the tip  of the  iceberg,  the number  of journalists  that are threatened to silence, or imprisoned is the highest in the world. Iran is a world leader when it comes to suppression and harassment of innocent journalists.  They are tortured for telling the truth and how many that have been threatened to remain silent we can only guess. But I believe the  number is thousand’s.  An  Iranian cybercrime  surveillance programme  entitled Operation Spider 2, which tracks and cracks down on social media users, has so far resulted in the arrest and imprisonment of several Internet users on charges such as insulting Islam, publishing immoral and corrupt material and encouraging individuals to commit immoral acts.
   The  Telegram messaging  application has  got its  voice app  blocked because of  the regimes fear over  an uprising  like the  one in  2009.  Facebook and Twitter continued  to be  entirely blocked for domestic users, and the authorities arbitrarily ban content under the justification of protecting families and Islamic culture.  The list of human rights abuse against journalists are long  and it  is getting longer.  This is because  the journalists  refuse to be silent,  and the regime are  afraid of  a  new uprising  like the  one in  2009.  To prevent  the event  they are prohibiting any media that can be used to gather protesters. 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Dual citizens in jail in Iran as hostages

 The human rights violations in Iran are of grave character as we can read heartbreaking stories of innocent civilian citizens that are being imprisoned from 5 to18 years on bogus charges. I will tell you some of their stories.
Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe

Robin (Reza) Shahini
: On October 15, 2016, Shahini was sentenced to18 years in prison for acting against national security, participating in protest gatherings in 2009, collaborating with Voice ofAmerica (VOA) television and insulting the sacred on Facebook by the Revolutionary Court in Gorgan.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Human rights violations in Iran

On April 24 the UN special rapporteur (UNSR) Asma Jahangir has denounced a report published by the Iranian News Agency (IRNA) alleging that she was planning to undertake a visit to Saudi Arabia in order to defame the authorities in Tehran. This attack on the UN SR shows the length the clerical regime in Iran will go to cover up their human rights abuses towards their own people.
Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran, Asma Jahangir
There are many examples of abuses that the regime denies happens. There is not without reason the regime is denying the UNSR to visit Iran and investigate abuse allegations herself. The rise of internet social media has made the evidence easy to access and the videos and pictures leave no doubt that the allegations are the truth.
human rights activist Atena Daemi

 The most pressing violation at this time is that of the human rights activist Atena Daemi, she is on her 17th day of hunger strike and she is in critical condition.

 Atena Daemi was sentenced to seven years in jail on unsubstantial charges of assembly, collusion and propaganda against the regime, blasphemy and insulting Khamenei, and concealing evidence of a crime.