Thursday, February 16, 2017

Why is there an increase in suicides in Iran?

The rate of suicides in mullahs regime in Iran has been increasing rapidly over the past years. What is alarming is that it is not only addicts or mentally disturbed individuals. It is family fathers who feel that they can not provide for their family so they kill first their children and then commit suicide or young girls who see no light in the dark shadow of the dictatorial regime so they kill themselves. The Iranians who commit suicide is often very young girls that see no future in Iran and they feel they do not have any other way out of hell.
The state-run media say that there are approximately 4000 suicides per year in Iran, but this are registered suicides, the
real number of deaths due to suicide is much higher. The increase of suicides can be explained by the increase in poverty and discontent of the clerical regime. 
The suicide of the young poet Ebrahim Alipour was a great loss to the Iranian artistic society, he was 27 years old. He posted a message on Instagram, “it’s finished” just before he committed suicide in front of the Ahvaz Jundishapur University of medical science on July 27. 2016. 
Iran under the mullahs regime has a painful and tragic record of rampant daily suicides due to the spread of poverty and despair and in protest against the repressive policies of the clerical regime.

There are parts of the country that have a higher suicide statistic compared to others, the reason for committing suicide is the same across Iran, poverty, depression, unemployment, social issues, cultural issues. The method used to commits suicide is a message to his/her family to tell them why the victim saw no other solution. The methods used are often related to what has been shown in the media. The individuals are sometimes using public places for their suicide to make a statement to the regime. But this alarming tendency in Iranian society will not improve before there has been a change in unemployment rate, poverty, and social freedom. 

The reason for the increase in suicides is “According to Tavakkoli, the secretary of Iran’s Psychiatrists Association, experts believe these public suicides are the ultimate form of protest against a failing society but he stressed that the most important issue is how suicide is treated by the society. If the suicide, or suicide attempt, is rejected as a lone case or negatively judged, then society will not deal with the problems which increase the suicide rate.”