Wednesday, February 22, 2017

What is the meaning of Swedish women with hijab in Iran?

It is with great disbelief I watch the Swedish delegation enters Iran. The women who are in the front line fighting for women’s rights bends over and great the Iranian delegates wearing HIJAB, I had to look twice to believe this. 

 I ask the Swedish ladies: How could you sell out all that you are fighting for? How could you let down your Iranian sisters like this? It is really the walk of shame in many meanings. First of all, you are wearing hijab, last time I checked Sweden was not a Muslim country so this is not your normal headgear. Second, what are you doing in Iran? do you not see all the atrocities that the regime is doing to their own people? and especially women? 

To show respect for a country should not mean that you sell out your beliefs and values, but this is exactly what the Swedish delegates are doing when they are bending over for the dictators in Tehran.

The French delegate was no better, do not tell me it is out of respect for the country, the Persian culture does not contain forced hijab, this is a clerical phenomenon that appeared after the mullahs hijacked the Iranian revolution. In true Persian culture wearing hijab is a personal choice, every woman decides if she wishes to wear hijab or choose not to.

The day 100,000 Iranian women protested the headscarf.
The protests against forced hijab are at an all-time high in Iran, more and more women are protesting against this Islamic rule forced upon the women by the mullahs and their brothers and husbands are fighting with them. So how can government delegates sell out so easily?

The bravery of the Iranian women is outstanding, they keep protesting even if they can end up in jail or be sentenced to public flogging. So why do the female delegates who visit Iran bend over so easy?

Do you think this is a must out of respect for the Islamic religion? Take a look at the western female delegates visiting Saudi Arabia, none of these ladies was forced to wear hijab, none. This is true Islam, wearing hijab must be a choice the woman makes, to get these rights for women of Iran there must be a regime change because the Mullahs in Tehran are old and they are still in the dark ages when it comes to the development of society. The only solution for the women of Iran to get freedom of choice is to overthrow the mullahs regime and elect a democratic government that believes in equality between genders and human rights.

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