Saturday, March 18, 2017

2017 UN report on human rights in Iran

In the latest UN report on human rights, Iran was described as a country who show great disrespect for human rights. The special rapporteur Asma
Asma Jahangir The UNs special rapporteur on the human rights situation in Iran
Jahangir pointed out that the judiciary in Iran is neither independent nor free from influence from the executive pointing to a bill, introduced last July, which i
f adopted, could further undermine the independence of the lawyers.
   She was also expressing concern about the vague definition of certain offenses, disrespect for the rights of any accused to be promptly informed about charges against them.Violations of the rights to a fair trial and due process of law.

  The special rapporteur also voiced concern over the use of torture and ill-treatment.  She also expressed concern about the level of fear of those who tried to communicate with her, they expressed fear of reprisals against themselves or their family members living inside the country. 
Jahangir also spoke of the high number of executions in Iran and the executions of juveniles as soon as they turned 18. At least 530 people were executed last year, and 156 so far this year, two of them was underage. The UN is condemning death sentences based on confession under torture as illegitimate and must be dismissed in court. She also voiced concern about violence and harassment on religious grounds and restrictions to women’s labor rights, sexual and reproductive health care services and the restrictions of women’s freedom of movement.   
As the UN special rapporteur so correctly points out, the bill of human rights are not valid in the clerical regime of Iran, they are violating the human rights on a daily basis and do not seem to be changing their practice in the near future. 
Hasinali, the Parliamentary Assistant Mullah: Rouhani stated that the report of the Special Rapporteur for human rights was unfair and he added: “We must defend our actions at international meetings” the regime also claims that the Special Rapporteur had followed in the steps of Ahmad Shaheed and relied on statements of sources that are connected to the PMOI.
The Shargh site although writes that our Government answered their questions and correspondence, the report is the same as the previous Rapporteur’s report, one of the league of Defense of victims of terrorism, saying the decision declaring every hiss of MEK in this lady’s ears But the mullahs regime got defeated in this fight with the Iranian resistance once again.  
The regime is doing all in their power to be removed from the watch list and from the eyes of the Special Rapporteur. They will never grant access for Jahangir to Iran because they are aware of what they are doing to the Iranian people is grave violations on human rights. And the mullahs know that they are losing power and they will never give it up willingly. The mullahs will continue violating human rights as long as they stay in government, therefore is it of the utmost importance that there is a regime change in Iran to secure all Iranians human rights. 

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