Monday, March 13, 2017

Sale of body parts alarmingly high in Iran

As we have seen all over the media, the poverty in Iran is alarmingly high and it is getting higher by the minute. The people of Iran are starving and as a last resort, they are selling different body parts to provide for their family. The sellers are getting younger and are at this point not only selling kidneys anymore, one man, 34 years old was willing to sell his eyeball because that was the only thing he had to sell, he had already sold one kidney but the money was used to provide for 3 children and he was an illiterate and out of a job. For him, there was no other way.
selling body parts in Iran
This is unfortunately not uncommon in Iran today, but the advertising has changed. From anonymous notes on a wall to adverts on the internet. and the amount of “adverts” are increasing, they are not small anonymous pieces of paper on a wall, but large signs to be seen everywhere. And due to the amount of body parts for sale people feel the need to advert their body parts for sale with a discount. 

The mullahs regime have no restrictions on the use of implants taken from living donors but are in fact using it as a tool to embezzle the deprived people of Iran. A large number of websites and blogs launched for this very cause are actually encouraging this vicious and devious trade. 70% of all kidney implants in Iran comes from living donors, the normal rate in the rest of the world are 15%. And Iranians are selling what they can to provide for their family, such as “liver for sale, O-,  23 years old”, “Bone marrow for sale, B-, 54 years old”.
 This is the very disturbing trend when we clearly see that Iran is a wealthy country and should, on paper, have no problem with helping those in need. The only obstacle for the ruling mullahs, instead of spending the Iranian wealth on the people they are using it to spread terror in the whole Middle east region, especially in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen, in an effort to maintain this repulsive regime in power at any cost.  And the rest of Iran’s wealth are going into the pocket of the mullahs. The only solution to this alarming development is a regime change, the mullahs must be replaced with a government that has the people's best interests in mind, a government that are willing to spend money on the poor and the needy, and that is willing to end all foreign wars that will release enough money to save the people of Iran from starvation. 


  1. While people sell their kidneys and eyes ، The mullahs spend peoples money in massacres in Syria and Yemen.

  2. While people sell their kidneys and eyes ، The mullahs spend peoples money in massacres in Syria and Yemen.

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