Wednesday, July 26, 2017

IRGC must be blacklisted to bring forth peace in the Middle East

On the 2 year anniversary for the Iran- nuclear deal, it is proven that Iran might not have a nuclear bomb yet but they have used the money released by the deal to wage war in the whole ME region. And they have been working hard to produce a working long-distance ballistic missile that will be capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.
IRGC forces in a parade
There has been talking about how the «moderates» won the last (S)election in Iran but Rouhani and his cabinet are far from moderates, in fact, Rouhani was one of the orchestrators behind public executions, and as many as 3000 people have been executed under his first term as president, at least 57 people have been executed so far since Rouhani started off his second term, and 120 people are currently in danger of being executed in the near future. 

The criminal acts of the clerical regime are very bloody indeed and they reach far beyond the Iranian borders. It is therefore of utmost importance that the world leaders follow the American Presidents lead and start laying heavy sanctions on the Iranian mullahs regime. The next step is to recognize the necessity of putting IRGC on the terrorist Blacklist. In fact, the entire Iranian government should be Blacklisted as terrorists. It is a known fact that the IRGC answers to the Supreme Leader the «chief» mullah only and he decides where the IRGC will commit their crimes. 

US must put IRGC in foreign terrorist organization
The crimes committed by the IRGC in Syria alone should be enough to get them Blacklisted, they are behind disappearances, torture and murder of Syrian civilians and most of the victims are innocent children. And then there are all the crimes IRGC and their proxies are committing in Iraq against innocent Sunni Muslims in Mosul. 

The only solution to the Iranian «problem» is to replace the regime entirely, the regime must be overthrown and a new, democratically elected government must be ruling Iran, there is a democratic choice already waiting for the toppling of the clerical regime, the Iranian resistance has a democratic peace-loving government ready to lead Iran towards freedom and peace with her neighbours. This is the elected members of the NCRI. 
In the weeks before the sham election people of Iran was showing their discontent with the clerical regime and was protesting in the streets with placards saying: my vote regime change, no to the imposter, no to the murderer and so forth. the mullahs themselves have admitted that only 4 percent of the Iranian population is for the regime, 96 percent want a regime change. 
«The mullahs have no legal claim to run the Iranian government, the NCRI is the only democratically elected council for the Iranian people. We must honor the will of the people and bring forth a regime change, the NCRI must form a transitional government that will have the best interests of the Iranian people in mind.»

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