Saturday, April 22, 2017

If Iran gets a nuclear bomb!?

The NCRI have in a press conference they held today revealed that the regime continued their pursuit of a nuclear bomb even after they signed the nuclear deal. the unit called SPND is controlled by the IRGC and have had the work on Iran's nuclear project as their main task. The facility where the SPND was working has been off limit to the International Atomic Energy Agency  IAEA.
NCRI press conferance
 The main question is why? What is the regime hiding in the facility? Sources for the Iranian resistance have revealed the true purpose of these facilities, they are part of Iran's great plan to create an Islamic nuclear empire with Tehran as its capital. If they obtain a nuclear bomb there will be great devastation to the neighboring countries and I fear that some of them will cease to exist.
  The SPND are divided into 7 divisions which have been working on different part of the nuclear project.  One of these divisions is working under the cover of being a research academy. The MEK source revealed that the nuclear enrichment has continued even under the nuclear deal in these secret facilities.  

Revelation of Iran Regime's Continued Secret Nuclear Activities
The world looks to Paris today with shock and grief as we watched the recent terrorist attack on the famous Champs-Elysees. A terrorist opened fire in the most famous tourist area in Paris on Thursday afternoon, one police officer lost his life and others were wounded. The terrorist was from ISIS and he deliberately targeted police officers. Just imagine if ISIS had access to a nuclear bomb? That might well be the result if Iran gets one.
 The Iranian regime is known to support ISIS with not only money but also weapons. The threat to the world would be devastating. The Iranian regime is fully aware of that the only way to save the clerical regime in Iran would be if they obtain a nuclear bomb and become a nuclear power like the big boys in the west, but the NCRI is doing all in their power to prevent that. Today's press conference shed light on some of Iran's best-kept secrets when it comes to the enrichment of uranium that Iran is prevented from doing according to the nuclear deal they signed in 2015.
The NCRI has revealed the true intentions of the regime
 The NCRI has revealed the true intentions of the regime, A regime that will break every deal if it helps them becoming a nuclear power. The main task for the NCRI in this matter is to make the world leaders aware of the nuclear threat that is coming from Iran and to make sure that the world leaders realize how severe that threat is. The Iranian regime has received nuclear technology from north Korea. That means that they are one step closer to a nuclear bomb. The president-elect of the Iranian resistance, Maryam Rajavi have been warning us for several years that the Iranian regime would never give up the pursuit of becoming a nuclear power and the revelations from today's press conference proved her right.  So this is the time to put a stop to all uranium use in Iran. They must be prohibited from using uranium in any form and the IAEA must have access to all facilities where there is uranium stored or used.  The only solution to neutralize the nuclear threat from Iran is a regime change, in point 10 in the ten point plan for Iran, the NCRI states that under their tenure want a non-nuclear Iran, free of weapons of mass destruction and that they will work for peace and tranquility in the whole middle east region. 

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