Thursday, April 6, 2017

Canadian sanctions on Iran-Canada should blacklist IRGC

In a time where we are witnessing how vast and violent the Iranian regime’s actions in the middle east are, it is important to vote for sanctions against this terrorist regime. We are witnessing how the IRGC is committing genocide in Syria. and we are witnessing how the regime is suppressing their own people and the IRGC is a threat to peace and stability in the whole Middle East region.

   Bill s-219 is currently up for debate in the Canadian senate chamber, this Bill contains pretty much the same set of sanctions that are up for debate in the US congress. It is of utmost importance that the Canadian senate decides to vote in favor of the Bill, this to slow down the terrorism committed by the IRGC in Syria and Iraq, but also to slow down or get abolished the terrorism that the regime is committing inside their own borders.
 The regime’s lobbyists are trying to make us believe that these sanctions will harm the people more than the regime but it is a well-known fact that trade sanctions will harm the regime most since all major companies in Iran are either owned by the IRGC or the supreme leader.  The nuclear deal that was struck with Iran in 2015 released a flow of billions of dollars in cold hard cash into the regime in Tehran, and all of this money was spent fueling the war in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. The people of Iran did not benefit from this flow of cash into Iran,  and therefore we must uphold the sanctions and must set further sanctions in motion if Iran breaks any deals. Thankfully more and more governments realize that the nuclear deal with Iran was a disaster and that the appeasement policy by Obama was a failure that must never be repeated. Iran has shown us over and over that, they do not respect any deals they have signed.  We must do all in our power to hinder Iran from developing nuclear weapons in order to secure the safety of Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq.  So we will like to thank the senate in Canada for the proposal of Bill s-219 and we will like to further encourage the senators to work for peace and stability in the middle east by giving you all our support In your work. We must keep working towards peace and stability in the middle east region and to be frank, that will never happen with the current Iranian regime.All sorts of information on bill S-219 is available at LEGISinfo, provided by the Library of Canadian Parliament. You can also read the full text of the bill.

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