Monday, September 4, 2017

Iran and the nuclear deal

Ever since it was signed the JCPOA or nuclear deal have raised controversy in many parts of the world.  The deal gave Iran quite a lot of money when frozen assets were released. The regime has not used the money to aid the Iranian people but in fact used it to wage war in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. 

Iran-US nuclear deal
Let’s take a look at the deal, it was an attempt to curb Irans plans of obtaining a nuclear bomb, there is only one problem, the regime have total control over the scientific and social environment in Iran and can easily hide reactors if they want to. the regime has also prevented observers from entering some facilities, therefore making it very difficult to survey Irans enriched plutonium and uranium stock. The deal was supposed to limit Irans heavy water plants and to limit the number of centrifuges. If that actually is the case remains to be seen when the nuclear deal expires.

 Obama’s appeasement policy has backfired badly, although it may have slowed down the process it has not been able to stop Iran's quest for a nuclear bomb. As we have seen in the recent months the Trump administration has little or no respect for the appeasement policy, they want to show Iran who is the boss, the Iranian lobby is terrified of this change of policy because they know that Trump actually is capable to curb all of Irans plans of a Shiite crescent in the middle east ruled from Tehran. The Iranian regime’s lobby also knows that if Trump wants a regime change in Iran it will happen. 

Nothing is more terrifying to the clerics than a regime change where they will be stripped of all power and privileges.  Therefore in these days, we see war scenarios coming from the pro regime agents in the USA particularly, they want to prevent Trump from laying more sanctions on the Iran regime.
There will be two scenarios with this deal, one if Trump cancels the deal Iran will have free hands to acquire a nuclear bomb and rest assure that is most likely to happen very soon. Even if we think Iran is not researching nuclear energy openly all is ready for a bomb. North Korea will give Iran regime all they need to become a nuclear power. Secondly, North Korea’s Kim will look like a Sunday school boy compared with the supreme terrorist of Iran Khamenei. 
The only solution to assure that Iran is nuclear free is to bring forth a regime change. The Iranian resistance has made it very clear that there will be no nuclear weapons in their future Iran, and they have also made it clear that one of their main goals is to bring peace and tranquility to the whole region, to end all wars. The ten point plan by the NCRI clearly states that Iran shall be nuclear free. 
Maryam Rajavi has stated that one of the main issues to be addressed when the regime change is a fact is that all Iranian troops will be called home to Iran, Iran will no longer be warmongering in Syria, Iraq or Yemen. And that the main task for the resistance will be to pave the way to democracy and freedom for the Iranian people and the Middle East.

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