Sunday, September 24, 2017

Deporting & separating from son by Norway, lashing in Iran by mullah

By Zohair Ahmad

Leila Bayat, 36 was deported from Norway, Tuesday she received 80 lashes in Iran.
Before she arrived in Norway, Leila Bayat received a sentence of 80 lashes for alcohol consumption. The Norwegian authorities did not believe her and sent her back to Iran, Tuesday the sentence was completed and she received the 80 lashes.
Leila Bayat sentenced to 80 lashes for drinking alcoholic beverages

Leila Bayat came to Norway in 2009 together with her son Mani, she told the authorities that if she was to be sent back she would be flogged, UNE thought that the sentence was fabricated and decided it was safe to send her back to Iran, they assumed she had lied about the sentence and that no harm would come to her if she was to be sent home to Iran. 
On March 8th this year she was deported, after 8  years in Norway she was sent back alone, her son got his family reunion with his father in Steinkjer, Norway approved and was allowed to stay. 
Through Skype, Leila tells us that she is not ok and she added that her sentence of 80 lashes was completed on Tuesday. Leila told her
friend that there were two women in the room with her one was flogging her and the other woman counted the lashes given. She added that it was horrible and that she was not feeling well at this point, the flogging was very painful and she told her friend that she was unable to stand on her feet afterward. 
Bayat received the sentence of 80 lashes after she broke the Sharia law by drinking alcohol. 
Leila is still unable to walk or sit on Wednesday due to the damage from the flogging. 
The experts agree that this case is a grave breach of international human rights and that the Norwegian authorities have violated the human rights act. There is no doubt in Amnesty that this conduct by Iran is no less than torture. 
Gerhard Folkvord who is a counselor in Amnesty claims that this could happen because of the Norwegian authorities, as a rule, treat all asylum seekers as liers. This has been the political guideline from the Norwegian government in recent years.

 Bayat's lawyer in Oslo, Preben Kløvfjell, told TV2 that he had been in contact with her several times on Wednesday she told him that she is going through a tough time right now but she wants this to be known in Norway. He is underlining the fact that the deportation of Bayat is a breach of international law. He adds that the Norwegian authorities have broken the international protection of refugees law and that they have also broken the human rights charter article 3 that gives a person protection from deportation to an area where they can be exposed to human rights violations. According to Bayat’s statement, Norwegian authorities have broken both laws by deporting her. Bayat’s lawyer thinks that this breaches of international law weaken the UNE’s deportation sentence considerably. He adds that there is a workgroup on the case, working to bring her back to Norway. 
Amir Moghadam, professor in medicine at Oslo University, and director of Iran Human Rights has no doubt about what damage that the flogging has done to Bayat’s body, he says that there is no doubt that she, in fact, have been flogged and the muscular damage and the damage to internal organs can be severe, also the humiliation can give psychological damage that can last for several years. DR. Moghadam claims that the Norwegian authorities have failed in this case. 

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