Saturday, September 30, 2017

The volcano of anger is about to erupt on the Iranian mullahs.

By Zohair Ahmad
This past week we have been witnesses to an enormous rise in protests across Iran, people are fed up with the bad ruling of the clerical regime and people are no longer afraid of the regime. 
People no longer put up with the looting and plundering of peoples funds by the mullahs of the regime, people want their money back and they are protesting to show the regime that they are very discontent with their way of conduct against their own people. 
The crises the increase in protests are a sign of is that of a regime that is on the brink of collapse, all the protests across Iran is shaking the very foundation of the clerical dictatorship of the mullahs.
Iranian workers protest

 Some of the protests were about lack of payment according to reports the workers of the Azar-water factory have not been paid for almost 5 months, the workers at Hepco factory have not been paid in full since December 2016. 

One other source for the protest was the Caspian Credit institution that was able to plunder peoples savings with impunity, they were able to do this thanks to their links to the much hated IRGC, the Iranian regime’s  terrorist organization. More than 5000 institutions of this kind have been plundering the people for more than two decades. 
On September 20th, the National Council of Resistance of Iran reported that 1,800 workers of the Azarab factory in Arak gathered for the fourth day to protest the company’s failure to pay their salaries and benefits for six months. The response from the regime was that of regime repressive forces firing tear gas into the crowd in an attempt to disperse the protesters. There was also fired live rounds into the air and the regime forces were beating the workers with clubs. 

The rise in protests that we can see happening in Iran is a sign of the boiling conditions in Iran the peoples discontent of the mullahs are like a volcano ready to erupt, and when it does that will mark the end of the dictatorship of the mullahs. 
The rise in protests shows that the society in Iran is explosive and the mullahs see this and they fear it, the regime is very well aware of the power of the people, the mullahs elite, the looters are only 4% of Iran's population, the remaining 96 % are the poor starving civilian population. And the 96% will prevail and overthrow the tyrannic regime and pave the way for the Iranian resistance that will bring peace prosperity and democracy to the oppressed people of Iran. 

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