Thursday, September 14, 2017

Iranians gather in New York to protest Rouhani’s presence in the UN General Assembly

By Zohair Ahmad

For several years now, Iranians community in the USA and their supporters have held rallies in front of UN to Protest the conduct of the Iranian regime. This year is no different. The rally this year will take place on September 20th outside the UN headquarters. This year a photo exhibition commemorating the anniversary of the 1988 Massacre will be on display. 
Present at the rally this year will be exile-Iranians and their supporters which will be joined by many Syrians who are protesting IRGC presence in Syria. The main slogan in this rally will be «No2Rouhani». but also «Iran out of Syria» the call for a regime change in Iran is also important issues for this rally. 
In this rally, thousands of Iranian-American community members will join human rights activists and prominent civil and political leaders to condemn unabated executions in Iran. We have seen under Rouhanis tenure that in fact the number of executions are not unabated but are in fact increasing. More than 3000 executed, in July alone at least 101 Iranians executed. So far this year 408 people have been executed according to official numbers but the actual amount of executions might be higher due to secret executions. It is therefore of utmost importance that we protest this grave violation of human rights that is taking place at the hands of the Iranian regime. It is a known fact that Rouhani represents a regime responsible for the execution of 30 000 political prisoners in 1988, and the UN must recognize this and uninvite him to the UN assembly. Iranians demand the UN not to allow a perpetrator of the 1988 massacre of Iranian political prisoners access to the UN assembly.
Protest of Iranian youth tribute the 1988 massacre victims

One other issue important in this rally is the urgent matter of expelling the Iranian regimes forces IRGC out of Syria, at this rally the demand will be to remove all Iranian presence in Syria so that the Syrian people will get their freedom. It is a known fact that without the support of the terrorist group IRGC, Assad would have lost power many years ago. Rouhani is the main supporter of dictator Assad in Syria, and the only way to be able to end the conflict in Syria will be to expel Iran from the whole region.One of the most hideous crimes committed in Syria by IRGC was the Aleppo massacre in 2016. Therefore the demand is to expel Iran from Syria. 

We demand the UN, judge Rouhani by his deeds and not by his words for he has no problem to lie if that gives him an advantage. Look at how he is approving torture in prisons, not objecting to executions, he was, in fact, the very man that expressed the wish for public executions after Friday prayers. Rouhani was one of the key players behind the mass executions of political prisoners in Iran in 1988. 
Iranian Americans will in this Rally emphasize that regime change in Iran is imperative and achievable, not by means of outside military interference, but from Iran’s own people and their organized resistance, which is fully prepared to facilitate that change. Please keep speaking out for the political prisoners in their 40th day of hunger strike. We must show them they are not forgotten. 
You are welcomed to join.   

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